The Other One

By July 1, 2020Gear

I have a long and loyal relationship with Honest Moroccan Mint Green Tea. We have travelled together, fished together and even enjoyed long walks together, but my eye might have wandered. I may have found a new love.

I have previously written about my deep affection (possible obsession) for Honest green tea. It has been an almost constant need to drink them daily but I now find myself sneaking in an increasing number of Tevana Watermelon Basil Oolong teas with Turmeric. Don’t ask me to explain how those flavors work together. It’s actually surprising. I drank my first one by mistake, but I think I’m hooked. They’re fantastic during a summer drift or after a grinding hot-water wade. Get them as cold as possible and fill up your favorite YETI jug or bottle, and you may find yourself abandoning a previous true love.

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