Green Tea: The Silent Killer

By January 8, 2021Gear

Green tea better be good for you. If I ever see the headline “Green Tea: The Silent Killer,” I will likely drop dead on the spot. It’s hard to properly convey how much I like Moroccan Mint Honest Tea green tea and likely shocking to most people how much of it I drink. I have a standing two case order at my local Whole Foods Market and that doesn’t keep up.. Squeeze some orange or lemon in it, and it is really remarkable. Not very sweet which makes it so much healthier ( or so I like to believe), and it is incredible tasty. Great drink for the boat, but it comes in a glass bottle so I strongly suggest you fill up your biggest YETI Tumbler, bottle or jug with it.

I really hope green tea is as good for you as every magazine, podcast and TV shows says it is. I am reminded that there was a time when cigarette smoking was considered good for you….if green tea falls into this category…..I’m in trouble.

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