I have never been a fan of the woodpecker pattern (red head/white body) in any types of lure. No doubt that it is a truly classic pattern (think back to the early painted spoons in freshwater fishing for pike and trout that had a peppermint stick look), but I just didn’t like it. I fished a lot of 51M-series MirrOlures at one time in my life and am still a believer in the classic patterns (801, 808, 26 and 28) but never the woodpecker.

I picked up a red head/white body Hedden Super Spook Jr. a few years ago because I was tired of always throwing bone (still hard to not default to that color). Like most new baits, it patiently rode around in my wading box for months without being called on the field, but eventually during a Galveston surf trip, it got the nod and was immediately a star. I have no idea why it works so well, but particularly in the surf, it is my go-to player. Interestingly, as this pattern gets worn from the drag of its front hook and getting crushed by surf trout, it actually changes color slightly and becomes darker. Although I doubt that the the subtle shade change from battle scars make it work better, it definitely makes it look like a badass. Nothing like a torn jersey and some blood to make you look like work really hard. Grab a woodpecker pattern Spook Jr. It might become your franchise player.

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