What does it say about a person when a cooler becomes a travel companion?

Even stranger, I named mine Wilson (reference Castaway). My YETI 35 permanently resides in the back of my truck and is a flawless traveling buddy. He (not sure why I gave it a gender) is really quiet and highly functional. No annoying chatter, stupid jokes, rap music. Perfect.

Also, gone are the days of having to keep adding ice to your nearly-collapsible, old-style pathetic plastic cooler. Those boxes did everything inexcusable like leaking, smelling, staining and all the things you can’t tolerate in a travel companion (except possibly a Labrador).

Wilson has logged countless miles along the Texas coast with me, has gotten me through hurricane-driven power outages, seen the best and worst fishing experiences and still looks about like the day I got him. He doesn’t judge the way I drive or my terrible sense of direction (ironic that I was a fishing guide at one time). The other great thing about Wilson is how durable he is. I never thought a cooler could become a family heirloom but Wilson has a fighting chance.

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