By March 7, 2018Gear

Go big or go home. The Heddon Super Spook was built for battle and is truly imposing in every way. You honestly could not stick another treble hook on it. It has a rattle that would intimidate a child, and compared to other baits in its class, is the size of a clown shoe. But, the low-riding swagger of this behemoth is unmatched among other walking baits, and its boom box of a rattle chamber vibrates as well as any I’ve fished.

Although some think it to only be geared for big speckled trout, the Super Spook is a killer for all sizes of fish and in all types of wind and chop. It casts like it was meant to hurt someone and walks almost by instinct. The key is to make sure and put some swing in its hips by exaggerating the motion of your rod to make the bait walk hard from side to side, and definitely remember to stop it regularly. The Super Spook idles almost parallel to the water’s surface with its tapered tail dipping slightly. Violent strikes are not unusual on a dead stop or immediately after take-off.

This bait can produce in a variety of conditions, but it has become a go-to for me in off-color, choppy water and when fishing deeper reefs and flats. It has produced when no other bait will conjure a touch of attention. I believe the rattle and provocative action can lure fish in some of the most challenging conditions and from shockingly significant depths. So, this fall, remember to pack a bone or chartreuse back/silver side Super Spook and you might find that if you go big, you might not want to go home.

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