Mythbusting Part III

By January 9, 2021Blog

MYTH – “No bait – No fish”

Looking for the presence of baitfish is critical for successful fishing. From blue water trolling to back marsh wading, identifying some type of forage is vital for finding whatever predator species you are tracking. Honestly, the “No bait – No fish” tenet is far too reliable a truism for me to label it a provocative myth, but it is important to know that it is not always true and can be overemphasized in our fishing, particularly during cold water fishing. I can recall many wades and drifts where I saw nothing more than a lone pelican or loon on a cold day and found fish. That cold water example is a great reminder for any time that our perception of no bait might just be that we don’t physically see the bait. Seeing baitfish is a great sign but just remember that no bait may not mean no fish.

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