Mythbusting Part II

By December 22, 2020Blog

MYTH – “Topwaters don’t work once the sun’s up.”

I have actually heard this one a lot. The basis for this misconception is anchored in the idea that as the sun rises, surface feeding activity diminishes. There are days and even periods when this pattern occurs, but there are a lot of times when a topwater is a good choice throughout the day. The extreme of this is during cold water fishing and the sun warming the surface temperature actually increases the baitfish activity and can initiate a consistent topwater bite as the day progresses. It is important to remember that fish may go after a topwater at variable times and in variable depths of water depending on the feeding pattern and even the particular circumstances that you are fishing.

There is likely no more exciting a lure than a topwater to use for virtually every species of fish, and they can often induce a reaction from a non-feeding fish so don’t let a myth dictate your choice in trying one at any time of day.

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