My Tocayo Backpack

By September 24, 2019Gear

I admit it. Certain YETI products make me feel better as a person. My YETI 35 is named Wilson…and is actually a friend. My battered 18-oz CCA YETI bottle is like a fishing buddy, and I’m ok with all of that. But, my Tocayo backpack may be my most functional YETI product to date. I was at the YETI flagship store in Austin (which serves beer of course) and I bought a black Tocayo backpack for traveling (the beer might have been marginally involved in that decision). I fly about 100,000 miles annually, and I do it the hard way. No around the world trips. These miles come in often-weekly flights through Gulf states, DC, etc., and I regularly use a backpack as my overnight bag. I figured the Tocayo would be durable and functional, and it is actually better than that. It has a degree of external structure to it that holds everything for an overnight, and if you fold your cloths carefully, they actually look presentable the next day. Toiletries, a change of cloths, iPad, and other oddities all fit. It also has interior pockets which are really useful for transporting a drink bottle. You don’t have to worry about the bottle falling out when you jam your bag in the overhead or under a seat. The truly stunning part of this backpack is that in over a year of use, it doesn’t look any different. I have not wiped it off or even tried to clean it (don’t judge….you have never wiped off your backpack either), and it hasn’t faded, ripped, or even hinted at changing. Even the most reliable travel companion can’t boast that

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