Just Pick Five Volume IV

By July 4, 2019Blog

Dr. Greg Stunz’s scientific insight into speckled trout and redfish is possibly only transcended by his passion to catch them on rod and reel. Living in Port Aransas, Greg is able to pursue his love of fishing and his illustrious academic career as a professor at the Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Harte Research Center and the Director of the Center for Sportfishing Science and Conservation. Greg is the classic scientist angler, and his five picks of must-have baits reflect his long tradition in angling.

• Heddon Superspook Jr. In Okie Shad Pattern
• Paul Brown’s Original Suspending Twitchbait in Chartreuse
• MirrOdine in Silver
• Texas Trout Killer 5-inch in Brown with a Chartreuse Tail on a 1/16-oz. Hogie Springhead
• Johnson Sprite Weedless Spoon ¼-oz in Gold

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