Just Pick Five Volume II

By December 1, 2018Blog

Here is the next edition in the Just Pick Five series.  Please refer to the November blog for the full background on this blog series and check out the first edition featuring Brian Holden.

Next up…Robert Taylor.

Robert Taylor

Besides being CCA’s National Director of State Development, Robert is an incredibly well traveled and exceptionally talented angler. Among the many great anglers I have had the privilege to fish with and around, I would clearly put Robert in the best-of-breed category. The funny thing about Robert’s fishing interests is the incredible diversity and range of fishing he does. He is no less comfortable throwing a chugger for surfacing yellowfin tuna than dabbling a 1/64-ounce buck jig for a crappie. It is all an obsessive continuum for Robert.

I also have to note that Robert was likely the most tortured of all of those I asked in providing their best five lures. I finally had to tell him that I could not field any additional follow-up questions and simply needed his list. He begrudgingly posted his five but sent them with significant anguish that he could not add a supplemental Paul Brown’s Original Twitchbait or 51-series Mirr-O-Lure. He was literally tortured by it.

• Heddon Superspook Jr. in Bone
• Bass Assassin 5-inch straight tail in plum with a 1/16-oz. Norton jighead
• Bass Assassin Sea Shad in Roach pattern with 1/8-oz. Norton Jighead
• Bass Assassin 5-inch straight tail in limetruese with a ¼-oz. Norton Jighead
• ¼-oz. Weedless Silver Spoon with a Red Trailer

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