Just Pick Five – Part V

By September 24, 2019Blog

For a generation or more of Texas anglers, Joe Doggett’s acclaimed newspaper and magazine writing has captured what it feels like to wade into a crystal surf or explore a back cove. Often, his creative depictions are as good as the real thing or in some cases, maybe even better. Along with his iconic status as an outdoor writer, Joe has literally fished the world and has experienced virtually every dimension of angling. His five picks for Texas bay fishing reflect his cosmopolitan approach to fishing with a truly old-school leaning.

• Johnson Sprite ½-oz. Gold Spoon (Joe did mention upgrading the hook and split ring.)
• Dixie Jet Spoon ¾-oz. Silver
• Norton Sand Eel Jr. in Pearl with Chartreuse tail on a ¼-oz. Jighead
• 51M Dark Green Back / Silver Sides
• Rapala Skitterwalk in Bone with Silver Sides

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