Confidence matters.

It is true in all pursuits and angling is no different. If you do not have confidence, you simply are not going to find fish with any consistency. That is an incredibly common malady. We have all know the guy or gal who has the correct equipment, plenty of experience, the guided help, and still can’t catch fish. I’ve known that guy, seen that guy, and occasionally am that actual guy. It like a virus that lurks in all of us. You can absolutely control it and force it into remission, but all it takes is a couple of missed sure-fire strategies coupled with humbling cleaning table experiences to let that virus loose in your system again.

The key is to not overthink it. That angler who does will never be consistent or even very good at his or her passion. The strugglers tend talk a lot about the “love of the sunrise” and how “its just great being out on the water,” but they really don’t mean that. What they are screaming is that they wish they were hooked up during that beautiful sunrise out on the water, and that struggling is actually a crushing downer. We’ve all been there and ultimately, it is a regaining of confidence that will bring us back out of that slump.

Remember too that confidence cannot be bought, stolen or even borrowed. You have to earn it. It comes from the often-referenced 10,000 hours of practice and a humble approach to learning from and observing others. As you build your skills and acknowledge your advances, the confidence will quickly follow.

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