Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

By March 2, 2021Gear

More than a decade ago, I got really into nutrition. On the heels of a minor health issue, I started paying attention to and learning about the power of food as medicine. Like all things of interest, I went all in. I’m obsessed with pursuing good nutrition, exploring new insights into proper diet and the incredible impact it can have on your life experience.

Honestly, I don’t miss much of anything from my old eating habits. Sodas? Not at all. Fried food? Couldn’t stomach them now. Refined sugar? Not a bit. But, the one hollow spot I have in my heart for food is in the shape of a cinnamon sugar donut….particularly when going fishing.

There was a frequent early morning stop I made on my way to the ramp on countless mornings, and I always grabbed a couple of cinnamon sugar donut twists. They were legitimately crappy donuts from a gas station convenience store, but somehow at that time in the morning and in some deep level of exhaustion, they were perfect. I still think about them longingly. If you have never had a cinnamon sugar donut in your life, you probably long for them and don’t even know it. That empty homesick feeling you occasionally get inexplicably on a Sunday evening? Yep, your psyche is crying for a donut. Well, I have a healthy solution. Now keep in mind, this is a bit of a stretch, but it’s still solid. It’s a breakfast sandwich. I have come to love Dave’s Killer Seed Bread. Great bread and an even better story of someone (Dave) coming out of a really bad place and becoming something really cool. Toast some seed bread. Spread Justin’s Almond Butter (another interesting entrepreneurial story) and hit it with organic powdered cinnamon. Pack that for your morning breakfast on the way to go fish and you’re in business. To be clear, it not even close to the teeth-melting beauty and wonder of a true cinnamon donut, but it is a healthy reminder of the dream breakfast and a killer breakfast boat food.

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