I was recently asked what are must-bring items for a beach wade. For me, the key is simplicity. The less gear the better, but a lack of extra items raises the importance of the few that you decide to bring. With this in mind, I have listed my five favorite pieces of gear for a coastal beach wadefishing trip. I also added links to four of the product websites if you want to learn more. Go Fish!!

AFTCO Original Fishing Pants 

For years I waded the surf in running shorts, but after an inner-liner attack from a jellyfish (I still have the mental if not physical scars from it), I wade exclusively in AFTCO fishing pants. Great protection with a super light feel.

Simms ZipIt II Flats Booties 

This style of wading bootie is a must for a surf wade. They are light, durable and actually comfortable even during a long trudge down the beach.

Johnson Sprite Silver Spoon 

The silver spoon is a beach staple. It can be effectively fished through the entire water column. From ripping it on the surface to slow-rolling it in a gut, the silver spoon can be a trip maker. I tend to opt for a 1/8-oz. but larger sizes can be more effective in an oncoming wind.

Alba Botanica Sunblock SPF 30

Sunblock is always a must, but when I started reading about what’s its made of, I switched to this chemically friendly version. It is also organic (I think is sort of irrelevant since I’m not planning to eat it….HA!).

Bandana (No link on this one. I buy mine from REI, but they are available everywhere.)

I generally wade with a bandana tied around my head instead of a baseball-style cap. You look a little bit like a pirate (which is sort of weird) but the value of having a dry piece of cloth on your head when you take a tail splash on your glasses is priceless.

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