Just Pick Five Volume III

By June 6, 2019Blog

Shannon Tompkins is one of the most acclaimed and tenured newspaper outdoor writers along the Gulf. His literal decades of fishing experience come from his willingness to fish from the backwaters to the blue water. His ability to translate that experience and expertise to the outdoor enthusiasts of Texas and beyond has made him an award-winning icon in the outdoor writing space. Shannon’s five baits reflect his old-school leaning (which I can relate to) and his willingness to fish unconventional baits.

• Rattletrap in gold with black back (color code 143)
• Bass Assassin Sea Shad in pearl with a Chartreuse tail and a wide-gap jighead
• Heddon Spit’n Image 3 1/4-inch model X9270 in Threadfin Shad pattern
• Storm Jointed Thunderstick in bone with a red belly.
• MirrOlure 22MRCFPR Catch 2000 Jr. (Chartreuse back, pearl belly with silver sides)

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